FNF Vs. Tails.exe

    Do not be afraid while playing FNF Vs. Tails.exe, Boyfriend seems to have all the talent necessary to face in song the friend of Sonic who has unfortunately been corrupted by a cursed version of him. In the Hill Act 1 level, Boyfriend meets Tails who seems very sad, with tears in his eyes, he will offer him a melancholy rap battle on the music "Chasing". Hello. Do you want to play with me? It was with this sentence that Sonic.exe began its hold on Tails. At the end of the first song Tails will disappear, only to come back in a corrupted form and sing along to the song "Darkness". If you manage to beat Tails.exe in a duel you will be able to access the ultimate challenges of this mod. Sing against Xenophanes Sonic accompanied by Tails.exe on the rhythmic song "Sidekick", watch out for the cursed notes that will appear! The mod also features a mystery song in week two, you can challenge Tails and his chili's hotdog for a final rap battle on "Octane".